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Why does this fish look like a jellyfish?

Why does this fish look like a jellyfish?

Here’s the scoop: The jellyfish, which is one of the world’s largest species of freshwater jellyfish and is also one of its smallest, are native to the waters of the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of Australia.

It is believed to have been introduced from Asia sometime in the past 2,000 years.

The jellyfish are capable of living up to 100 years and reproduce by releasing eggs from their bodies in order to create a living nursery.

They are able to feed on plankton and other marine life, including sea stars and corals.

But as they are very active, they can often find themselves in a very precarious position and may even be pushed back to the ocean’s surface in times of distress.

To find out more about the origins of this jellyfish species, we spoke to scientists at the Australian National University’s Department of Marine Biology.

Read more on the story here: https://www.mtv.com.au/news/science-news/the-origin-of-jellyfish-is-a-fear-of/article73465982.ece/e3dd8/AUTOCROP/h342/jelly-fish-in-polar-arctic.jpg


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