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Which fish species will be most affected by climate change?

Which fish species will be most affected by climate change?

It’s hard to say for certain, but here are our predictions for how different species of fish are likely to fare.1.

Fish that live in coastal waters will be more vulnerable than those in open waters2.

Fisheries biologists and fisheries scientists working on tropical fish will be less likely to see climate change impact their research.3.

Fish will be affected by temperature.

In the warmer climate areas of the world, the ocean will warm up faster than the land.

That will mean warmer water temperatures that will increase fish growth rates and decrease fish reproduction.4.

More fish will die from food poisoning than from disease.5.

Fish are likely more susceptible to climate change than land animals.6.

Fish can adapt to warmer temperatures by using their body heat to cool off, but fish cannot do that.7.

Some fish species are more susceptible than others to climate changes, including the Atlantic cod, the rainbow trout, and the sea bass.8.

Some species of Atlantic salmon may not survive to adulthood.9.

Atlantic cod and the rainbow do not live in the same ocean and have to find their way to the warmer water regions to spawn.10.

Atlantic salmon are the primary producers of plankton in their habitats.11.

The rainbow trout and sea bass are more likely to survive than the other species.12.

Some other fish species may not be able to adapt to climate extremes, like cold-water species like snapper.13.

Fish have been known to thrive in hotter, more humid environments.14.

The fish that live on land are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change, but some species of amphibians also depend on the ocean.15.

Most fish species that feed on fish are able to adjust to warmer waters, like the mahi mahi.16.

There are other fish that depend on fish for their entire lives.