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Which Are the Best Internships? The Facts Behind the Rankings

Which Are the Best Internships? The Facts Behind the Rankings

In the coming weeks, Axios will unveil its annual Diversity in the Fisheries Industry Report, which ranks the internships in the seafood industry based on their sustainability, and the likelihood of them going to students.

In the report, interns are ranked from 1 to 4 based on the following criteria: • The intern is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and is seeking employment.

• The internship is in an industry in which the intern is in charge of an industry-wide program of study, such as a professional development program, an apprenticeship, or a graduate or professional program.

• If the internship is offered by an employer who is a member of the American Fisheries Council, the intern will be eligible for federal funding to pay for attendance at the conference.

• There is a minimum GPA of 2.0 and at least 30 credits of undergraduate work.

• Each internship is designed to provide learning opportunities that will help students acquire a solid understanding of the seafood trade and the fish business.

As a result, interns will be judged on their overall academic and professional development as well as their work in the industry.

Axios internships are designed for students to explore a wide variety of aspects of the fish and seafood industry.

This includes both students and employees, including research, outreach, education, and outreach and development.

The internship opportunities range from the traditional internship, which provides a basic overview of the industry, to more specialized programs, such, one-day or one-week programs.

For students, internships may also include a research project or an internship that focuses on the commercialization of fish products, such an industry or a market.

For more information on internships and how to apply, visit diversityinfisheryindustryreport.com.

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