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When the fishing industry is no longer fishing for tuna

When the fishing industry is no longer fishing for tuna

A new study finds that the industry’s reliance on foreign fish stocks, and its reliance on fisheries biologists, are costing the fisheries sector $8.6 billion annually.

The new research, which was published in the journal Science Advances, was conducted by the Center for Food Safety, an independent, nonprofit organization that focuses on food safety and sustainability.

In 2016, the Center conducted a study of the tuna fishery in the Gulf of Mexico, which found that fishery managers were spending $12 billion a year on their fisheries.

The study’s authors looked at how the industry was managing its fishing fleet and found that fisheries biologists had made $2.3 billion in 2016 alone, but were expected to make another $8 billion in the coming years.

The report also found that the fishery’s reliance upon foreign fish accounted for the lion’s share of the industry’ total fishing budget.

The study found that fishermen, including those from Canada, China, India, and the United States, were spending an average of $1,900 per month on their fishing fleet, or $1.4 million per year.

But this figure includes all fishing trips, not just those in the U.S. The researchers estimate that the average total spending for a year in the United Kingdom is $3,200.

The fishery is a large and complex industry, with about 3.5 million jobs and an annual revenue of $19 billion.

As a result, fishery scientists make about $50,000 per year in royalties.

In 2016, about one-third of the fishing fleet was comprised of fishery biologists.

This figure has been steadily declining since the early 2000s, when fishery biologist salaries were about $100,000.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has called for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour, which would make it more difficult for fishery staff to survive on the low wages they are currently earning.

A recent report by the U


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