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What you need to know about the tribes that hunt blue whales

What you need to know about the tribes that hunt blue whales

Blue whales, the largest of all whale species, have been the subject of intense scientific interest and debate over decades.

While scientists have documented the species’ population declines in the past, scientists have also found a remarkable abundance of whales, some more than 10,000 in total, in the waters off Alaska, Canada and Japan.

Blue whales can grow to be nearly 5 feet (1 meter) long and weigh up to 60 tons (132 kilograms).

Many are found in the Pacific Northwest, but the species is found in most of its range.

Some populations are even found in Canada.

In fact, researchers have found blue whales in the U.S. and Alaska in some areas.

Researchers are also trying to figure out why some blue whales appear to be migrating to Alaska and Japan while others are staying put in the Bering Sea.

Scientists are working to figure that out.

But how many blue whales are there?

Some researchers believe that the total number of blue whales worldwide is somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000, according to research published in the journal Polar Biology in January.

Some scientists also think the total population of blue sharks may be even higher.

But there is no conclusive evidence of that yet.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has not released any data on the blue whale population, but experts have told ABC News that NOAA’s Blue Whale Monitoring System, which tracks blue whales, shows that the species has declined over the past few decades.

Blue whale population at sea: The blue whale in the ocean Ocean blue whales have been found off Alaska in the last couple of decades.

Scientists have found that blue whales and other whales have moved to the waters around Alaska and Canada, including the Bessie Bay area, where the whales live.

The Bessies are the smallest of the whales in their family, and they are considered a special group of whales.

The blue whales’ numbers have dropped in recent years.

According to NOAA’s Whale Watch website, the Bitts have been hunted and killed off of the coast of North America.

In 2013, the NOAA Marine Mammal Center in Boca Raton, Florida, released a video in which a whale called Thelma was seen swimming by the side of a road.

In 2016, a blue whale called Dora was spotted swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast near Florida.

In 2017, NOAA scientists also released a short video of a whale that was found dead near Boca, Florida.

But in 2017, a report published in Scientific Reports showed that there were no more blue whales around the Bussack Bay area in Bessys Bay State Park.

A whale called Vesta has also been spotted off the Florida coast.

In January 2018, the U,S.

Fish and Wildlife Service released a report on the decline of the blue whales.

In 2018, NOAA and NOAA Fisheries conducted the first-ever scientific study of blue whale populations in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of Alaska, looking at the distribution of blue and gray whales along the Gulf coast.

The researchers estimated that there are about 500 blue whales living in the area, and estimated that their numbers are likely declining due to climate change.

The scientists also found that the population of gray whales is declining, and that their population could also be decreasing.

The species has been recorded in the western Gulf of California, the central Gulf of Nevada and in the northern Gulf of Texas.

The report estimated that gray whales could be in the region by 2040.

The NOAA report also said that in 2018, there were only about 500 gray whales in Bussacks Bay State park.

NOAA also said in the report that there may be an even higher number of gray-whale populations in Alaska, but that there is not enough data yet to know for sure.

NOAA Fisheries and NOAA scientists have released a study in 2018 that said there is a population of about 3,500 gray whales living off the Gulf Coast.

NOAA says that they are in the midst of a research program to study gray whales and their populations and that this work is expected to begin in the next two to three years.

In 2019, the agency released a summary of their findings about the status of the gray whales.

NOAA has also released its Blue Whale Watch web site, which has a link to a map of the region where gray whales live in the Bay Area.

NOAA released a similar map in January 2019, and a NOAA Fisheries website has also included a map showing where gray whale populations are most likely to be in 2040, with the most likely locations being along the East Coast.

The map shows that there have been reports of gray whale deaths in the eastern and central Gulf Coast of Florida, including Boca Beach, Naples and Naples Beach.

NOAA’s website also showed that gray whale numbers have declined in several other areas of the Bay area.

In December 2017, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOaa) released a map that showed that in some of the Gulf regions of Florida


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