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What you need to know about the new ban on fishing in Australia

What you need to know about the new ban on fishing in Australia

Fishing bans in the southern hemisphere are now in place to protect species from threats such as climate change, according to the Australian government.

The ban is aimed at helping to control the rapid growth of the redfish fishery, which has become a huge problem for the world’s biggest fisheries industry.

Fishing bans were introduced to protect the world from the impact of climate change and to protect marine species from overfishing, according the Department of Primary Industries.

The move comes as the country’s government, the Australian Fishing Industry Association (AFIA), has expressed concerns about the rapid rise of the fish, which is seen as a major source of protein for the country.

The Australian Government has announced that it will suspend fishing for all species of fish in Australia until 2020.

“We are very disappointed that we can no longer sustainably support our fisheries and we must now look to a different solution,” a spokesperson for the AFIA said.

The new ban will apply to fish that are caught within 12 months of the date of the decision to impose it, and will come into force on April 1, 2020.

Fish caught within that time will be allowed to be sold.

“Fish stocks in the Southern Hemisphere have already suffered from the loss of redfish, and these measures will help keep those stocks thriving,” the spokesperson said.

“Redfish are a critically endangered species, with the population of the species currently being estimated at just 1 per cent of its historical population.”

Fish that are now caught within the ban will be subject to quarantine and will not be able to be harvested.

“As the moratorium goes into effect, the import of fish into Australia will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis,” the AFIAs spokesperson said in a statement.

“If caught on land, fishing in areas that are not considered to be suitable for catch will not take place and may be banned.”

In July, the AFAIA announced that they would be launching an appeal to the Federal Government over the fishing ban.

The government is already looking to change the regulations on redfish to help control their population, and in August, the Federal Parliament passed the Fisheries Management and Conservation Act to allow the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to seize any fish caught within its jurisdiction.

This is the same year the Australian Government launched a nationwide campaign to protect fish stocks in Southern Hemisphere waters, and was also behind the creation of the International Redfish Recovery Centre (IRRC) in Australia.

The IRRC is the largest fishery recovery centre in the world, with fish recovered from the area of the South Atlantic Ocean where redfish were once plentiful.

The fish are currently being rehabilitated in a lab, and are currently considered to have recovered to the point where they can be released back into the wild.

The fishing ban is part of a wider package of measures designed to address threats to the Southern hemisphere’s fish stocks.

Australia has one of the largest fisheries in the Western Hemisphere, with over 70 per cent (3,000 tonnes) of fish caught each year.


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