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‘Weird fish’ from the deep may be a threat to the reef

‘Weird fish’ from the deep may be a threat to the reef

Fisheries scientist Dr James Lister, of Southland Fisheries, says that if a ‘strange fish’ gets caught in the nets, it could be harmful to the ecosystem.

The bizarre fish was caught off the coast of Southport last week and is thought to be a ‘parasitic’ species of sea cucumber, which he describes as having an ‘amazing range’ and is likely to pose a threat.

Dr Lister says that this species of fish could cause problems for the reef, as they are a ‘very hardy and adaptable fish’.

He said: “They are very well adapted to the water temperature and pH, and have a very long life cycle.”

Dr Linder said that he was unsure if this species was related to a common ‘strandy’ fish species that is a common sight in Southland.

He added: “I’m quite sure that the odd strandy fish in the water has never been spotted before.”

Dr James Listers comments on ‘strandsy fish’ caught off Southport Dr James has previously described a species of squid called the “strand-worm” as a “bizarrely large and bizarrely beautiful fish”.

He also said that there were “at least six species of strand-worms” found on Southland, and he was “quite certain” that there was more to the story.

Dr James says that these mysterious creatures could have an impact on the ecosystem, and could be a serious threat to marine ecosystems.

“I’m fairly confident that if you have this weird fish on the fishnet, it is likely that it is probably harmful to marine environments,” he said.

However, he cautioned that these fish could not be considered ‘parasaitic’ and were a species that should not be eaten.

And while Dr Lister is unsure if a species like this is harmful to reefs, he said that the species could still pose a problem for them.

When the fish is caught, the net is often left hanging, and if the fish escapes, it can become entangled and potentially kill the fish.

If you are worried about your fish being caught by a strange fish on your net, you could try using a ‘net trap’ or net netting.

(Credit: Southland Marine Park)Dr James said that these strange fish could have the potential to ‘overthrow marine ecosystems’.

Dr Andrew Lister said that this is a serious problem, and that the Southland Fishery is “doing everything it can” to help protect the environment.

In an email to the BBC, Dr Listers said: “It is difficult to quantify the impact of this, as it is unknown whether it will be fatal to the fish or not.”

We are working hard to make sure we have the right measures in place to ensure the best outcome for our fish populations.”(Credit