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The ‘Duke of Chatham’ on climate change: A man and a scientist

The ‘Duke of Chatham’ on climate change: A man and a scientist

Author John D. Dixon and colleagues write: When the world is faced with the most pressing environmental challenges in our lifetime, it is incumbent on us all to work together.

As we embark on a new century, we are going to face the most important decisions of our time and will have to make some tough choices about how to move forward.

That is why, as we work to address the urgent challenges of climate change and address the pressing human needs, we must look beyond the past to the future.

The world is warming and sea levels are rising, and we can expect that the world will experience some of the worst effects of climate disruption as well.

We know that if we do not take bold and decisive action to combat these threats, the world’s climate is going to be a poorer place for decades to come.

The Duke of Château of the Chatham Islands is a professor at the University of Virginia and the author of several books, including Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know.

Follow him on Twitter: @johndixon_jd


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