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The Best Fish-Fishing Locations in Eastern North Carolina

The Best Fish-Fishing Locations in Eastern North Carolina

Fishing has been the backbone of the family business in the state for over 100 years, and today, fishing has become one of the largest employment industries in the U.S. Fishing is one of only a handful of jobs that are not dependent on a minimum of training and experience.

But for those who are interested in fishing, there are some places that are better suited for you than others. 

 Here are the best fishing locations in the Outer Banks and eastern North Carolina for those looking to make some extra cash in a few weeks.


North Carolina Fishing Camps and Wildlife Areas:  North Carolina is known for its rich fishing tradition, with a large array of local fishing spots available for fishing.

For those wanting to make a career out of fishing, these camps and areas offer some great fishing opportunities.

The North Carolina Department of Natural Resources has been known to set up campgrounds in the wilds of the Outer Belt for the summer months, and they are often popular spots for anglers looking to learn a few skills while they catch a few fish. 


Coastal Bays and Canals: For those who want to spend a little more time fishing in the open water, there is a small amount of open water in coastal and bay areas, but the areas in the North Carolina Outer Banks offer plenty of opportunities for recreational fishing.

While some areas are closed during the season, there will always be some opportunity for a day or two of fishing in open water.


Outer Banks State Park: The Outer Banks National Seashore, one of several marine protected areas in North Carolina, is one great place to explore the fishing industry.

This park offers some great beaches, fishing opportunities, and fishing opportunities for boaters, anglers, and anyone who enjoys a bit of water recreation.


Coral Springs State Park and Marina: Coral springs is an amazing place to spend time and relax in the fall and winter months.

This is one place where you can catch a day off the fishing grind, and there are plenty of other activities to do as well.

Fishing on the beaches is a popular past time in the summer, as it offers a great place for families to relax.


Outer Beach State Park, Outer Banks: There are many different fishing locations to choose from in the outer beaches of the North Coast, from small beaches in the sandy flats to a larger sandy beach with plenty of fishing spots.

This great spot for fishing in this area is a good spot to visit if you want to take a little break from the summer sun and enjoy some fishing on the beach.


Fishing Lake: Fishing on the shores of Lake James is one the best places to go for a little fun on a day trip.

Fishing at the fishing lake is not the most popular activity in the area, but if you are a big fisherman, there can be great fishing in Lake James during the summer.


Sandy Beach State Beach: Sandy beach is another great spot to go fishing if you enjoy some fun with the family.

This place offers a few different fishing options in the warmer months, with many spots to fish during the warmer days.


South Carolina Coastal Park: This is a great spot that is open for fishing all year long, but it is the best one to visit in the winter months if you like the weather and a nice sandy beach.

There are plenty other fishing spots to choose between, so this place will keep you busy and entertained.


Granite Falls State Beach and Marina in Myrtle Beach: Another great fishing spot for families, Granite Falls is a very popular spot to stay in the spring, summer, and fall months.

There is a lot of fishing to be done on the lake and along the beach, so you won’t want to miss this spot.


New Orleans State Park (New Orleans, Louisiana): If you enjoy a nice beach break on a sunny day, then New Orleans is a perfect place to go.

This state park is a favorite for families in the colder months.


North West Virginia Fish & Wildlife Area: North West West Virginia offers some fantastic fishing opportunities with its expansive beaches, sandy beaches, and coastal wetlands.

Fishing in the coastal waters can be a great option for angler’s of all ages, as the beaches are open year round.

Fishing for a couple of hours in the waters can add up to a good day’s work.


Harrison State Beach State Campground: This state campground offers a wonderful fishing experience in the cooler months.

It is a fun spot to relax with family and friends, and it is a little less crowded than the other campsites in the park.


St. Johns River State Campsite: St. John’s River State Park is one


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