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Salmon, salmon-rich waters of Puget Sound: More salmon from the West Coast and the East are at risk of disappearing

Salmon, salmon-rich waters of Puget Sound: More salmon from the West Coast and the East are at risk of disappearing

A study published in the Journal of Fish Diseases has found that fish populations are in serious trouble in the Puget Strait, with more than half of the population at risk for declining.

The study analyzed more than 3,000 years of data from three different fisheries in Washington State.

Researchers found that salmon numbers in the Fraser River, where the Fraser Lake and the St. Lawrence estuary meet, are down to 1.2 million from more than 9 million in 1990.

The number of Fraser River salmon in the eastern Puget is down to 2.1 million from 4.2 billion.

The western Puget, where Puget Lake meets, is down from about 1.5 million to about 1 million.

The study also found that the abundance of salmon on the west coast is declining.

The Fraser River’s fish stock has been dropping for decades.

Salmon have been in decline on the coast since the late 1990s, the study said.

“In the Fraser, for example, for more than 100 years, fish stocks have been declining,” said study lead author John B. Smith, an ecologist at the University of Washington.

“The Fraser River was always at risk, but it has been declining.”

In 2010, the Fraser’s salmon population fell by an average of about 10% annually, the most dramatic decline in 40 years, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Pacific Salmon Commission has warned that salmon in that region are in danger of disappearing.

Smith’s research found that, since 1990, the number of salmon in Puget St. Marys and St. Johns, which are both on the Pacific Coast, have declined by an additional 20%.

In other words, salmon in these areas have been falling for years and have not recovered.

“I think there’s a lot of blame to go around,” Smith said.

“But we’re seeing the impacts of climate change and habitat loss on the western Pugetean and eastern Pugeteans, so that’s a problem.”

The Fraser, which runs from the Vancouver area to the coast of the U, has long been considered one of the world’s largest salmon-producing areas, with about half of all the species found in the world.

The region, located along the coast from Vancouver to the Pacific, has the world in its sights as the world population continues to grow.

The Fraser is home to a rich and diverse fish community, with large populations of white bass, flounder, and salmon, Smith said, adding that it also produces farmed salmon, which feed off the coast and are important for the salmon’s overall health.

The fish in the western Fraser have been showing signs of decline, Smith told HealthDay.

In 2010, scientists from the Fraser Basin Regional Fisheries Service began studying salmon stocks along the Fraser in the St Marys River.

The results showed that there was no clear picture of how the Fraser population had been affected.

“It’s hard to know exactly how it is,” Smith told the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“We do know that there is an abundance of fish that is not in the same place as in the years before we started studying them.

But that fish is not being harvested.

It’s not being eaten.

That’s the question.”

To help figure out how the salmon were doing, the agency began tracking the fish to determine when they died, Smith added.

The agency has been able to trace many of the fish, he said, and is now tracking the stocks of salmon that are dying along the river.

The government estimates that the Fraser is losing about 1,500 fish a year.

The fish population in the West and the east is also in trouble.

Smith said that the western Pacific Ocean is seeing a decline in both fish and shellfish species.

This is also happening in the East, but the eastern Pacific Ocean has a much greater abundance of those fish.

Smith’s research also found the effects of climate and habitat change on salmon.

The researchers found that during periods of warmer water, when the sea surface temperature is higher, the fish can be more sensitive to stress.

In warmer water and less salt in the water, the salmon may be more vulnerable to predation by fish.

“It’s not as bad in the cold, but when it’s cold, the predators are more aggressive,” Smith explained.

In addition to losing salmon, the research also showed that the salmon population is declining in areas that are known to have a high abundance of Chinook salmon.

In those areas, the Chinook are becoming less abundant.

In recent years, the researchers have found that Chinook stocks are declining in places like the Olympic National Park in Washington state and in the Great Bear Rainforest in Alaska.

“What we’re really seeing is a pattern of decline in Chinook,” Smith added, explaining that the decline can be traced back to the 1970s and 1980s. “There’s a


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