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Japanese company Taku Fisheries is in the process of acquiring a stake in the world’s largest tuna fishery

Japanese company Taku Fisheries is in the process of acquiring a stake in the world’s largest tuna fishery

Taku is a Japanese company that makes fishing equipment for the Japanese market, and has been the subject of controversy in recent years.

The company has been caught up in a number of controversies, including allegations of environmental destruction and poor environmental stewardship of its products.

Taku has been working to develop new technologies that could cut down on the amount of tuna fishing and pollution that it processes in Japan, but in the past has faced criticism over environmental practices and over environmental issues.

In 2015, the company purchased a stake of a tuna fishing company called Hatao.

In 2018, Taku announced it would be purchasing a stake on Hataos tuna fisheries from a Taiwanese company.

This year, Tako was caught in a regulatory conflict with a Taiwanese tuna producer over a plan to capture and export tuna caught from Hataoi.

The tuna producer in question is the same Taku that is now buying Taku’s stake in Hataao.

Tako is working with Hataoe to develop a new tuna technology.

Tamea, the Taku subsidiary that has purchased Hataoes stake in Taku, said in a statement that the Tameas goal is to make Taku a leading provider of high-tech tuna products and the world leader in the development of new tuna technologies.

Tamao, the Taiwanese tuna supplier, also said in its statement that Taku will continue to be a key supplier to the Japanese tuna industry.

“We have been working with Taku since 2013 and we believe this transaction will allow us to continue our strong relationship with TameAo,” Tamaoe said.

The agreement was announced today.

The deal is worth approximately $4 billion.

Takao is the second largest tuna company in the tuna fisheries in the southern Philippines, according to the Philippine Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

The group’s shares, traded on the New York Stock Exchange, are listed as the top 20 tuna producers in the country.


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