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“I think the world has been fooled” – Fishers say global warming isn’t the problem

“I think the world has been fooled” – Fishers say global warming isn’t the problem

A recent survey of fishers in China has found the world’s fisheries are in a state of crisis, with many still reliant on fish stocks that have been lost due to the effects of global warming.

The survey by the Fishery Management Association of China (FMA) was released on Wednesday, as the country grapples with an unprecedented drought.

While many fishers are focused on catching fish and the rest on growing crops, the survey finds the fish and seafood industry is facing an unprecedented number of challenges, from climate change to pests and diseases.

“The number of fish is falling in China, but the numbers of fish we catch is not keeping up with demand,” said Lu Yang, the president of the FMA.

“In some parts of China, fishing is down to 1.5 million tonnes of fish a year, and we are seeing more and more people fishing for a lower number of tonnes.”

In the past two decades, the global fishing industry has seen a drop in fish catches, due largely to climate change.

According to FMA data, the fish catch rate fell by about 10% in the past decade.

This decline has led to a rise in the number of people who are relying on fishing, which has seen the number who rely on fishing rise by about 30% in a decade.

In the United States, there were 3.2 million fishers.

In China, there are an estimated 7.2 billion fishers, according to the FDA.

The world’s seafood industry has been hit by the warming waters, which have caused the melting of sea ice and reduced the amount of oxygen that can reach fish.

Many fisheries have seen declines in fish stocks and are facing the need to invest in new fishing methods.

In some areas, such as the Great Lakes, the population of freshwater fish is also in decline, due to climate changes.

Many fish stocks are being affected by drought, with fishers now facing the risk of having to invest less in their fishing boats.

This is especially true in the southern region of China.

In many places, the fishers have had to spend millions of yuan ($1.5 billion) on new fishing equipment and equipment for their boats to keep up with the increasing demand.

In addition to the drought and climate change, the situation is also affecting fishers on the sea.

The FMA found that the number and size of fish caught in China’s waters has been decreasing, while the catch of fish that can be sold has been increasing.

China has been facing an increase in the size of the Chinese market, which is why the government has introduced measures to try to protect the market, said Lu.

“It is important to note that the world is facing a sea-level rise, and that is not good for seafood,” Lu said.

“There are a lot of factors that are contributing to the problem, but it’s also true that the Chinese government is responsible for the situation.”

The country is also facing an increased risk of diseases and parasites from the warming sea, which means more and bigger fish stocks.

FMA has asked for more information from fishers to help understand the severity of the problem.

“What’s causing the problems in China and why are fishers facing such a situation?

The answer is the lack of proper monitoring and proper planning,” Lu told Recode.

“I would like to hear from fishermen who are in these areas and the government agencies involved.”

The report comes as the Trump administration is set to announce an emergency fund to help the fishery industry recover from the effects a record-breaking drought is having on fish stock.

The Trump administration has already begun releasing funds for projects to help support fishers who are struggling to catch fish.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management said that the Trump Administration will provide $15 million in emergency funding to support fisheries, which will help fishermen recover the fish stocks they depend on.


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