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How to save the world’s biggest fish in a few years

How to save the world’s biggest fish in a few years

Posted October 02, 2019 12:33:23 We are already seeing some fish stocks in Australia begin to recover and some species are beginning to re-establish themselves.

“We are actually seeing some species that have been in decline for quite a while,” Professor Chris Taylor, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Institute in Darwin, told ABC Radio Darwin.

Professor Taylor said the fish stocks were recovering faster than they had in the past, as fish were introduced into the environment, and some fish species were thriving.

Some species are now returning to the sea to spawn.

He said the biggest threat was the expansion of fisheries in Australia’s north-west.

The first big fish to move to Australia in the last century were Chinook salmon, which were first introduced into Australia in 1928.

However, the number of Chinook populations in Australia have been declining since the mid-2000s.

But Professor Taylor said if the trend continued, some species of salmon would soon be in decline.

And he said a number of species that were already extinct in Australia could soon become extinct.

A key factor is the introduction of genetically modified (GM) salmon, he said.

In some areas of the country, farmers have been buying genetically modified salmon, and the farmers have then sold the salmon to the consumer for about $80 a kilogram.

There is some evidence that farmers have done a good job of introducing GM salmon into the market.

As far as the population of Chinooks goes, Professor Taylor believes that the fish is at an inflection point.

If we continue on this trajectory, we are going to see some very good fish stocks that are going back to the ocean.

Dr Scott, who is also from the Institute, said the first major problem with the introduction was that the salmon were bred and bred, and then introduced into this environment with no regard for the consequences.

At the same time, he told the ABC the salmon had not yet been bred to be able to adapt to this environment.

So it’s a really tough situation to be in.

Scott said he had never heard of a GM salmon, but he had seen an experimental salmon that had been in the Pacific Ocean for many years.

His research suggests GM salmon can be very successful in the wild, but it requires careful management to ensure they are not overfished.

Mr Taylor said there were many positives to having GM salmon in the environment.


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