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How to kill sharks in your backyard

How to kill sharks in your backyard

You know the classic story about a shark that’s been swimming for hours, and you’re trying to figure out where it’s going to land?

Well, there’s a lot you can do to keep it away from your property.

There are plenty of ways to keep sharks away from homes, but some are more efficient than others.


Locate sharks at night When it comes to finding out where a shark is swimming, it’s best to locate it at night, as the sharks will be sleeping.

You can also check with your property’s local shark mitigation authority to find out if there are any restrictions around the area.

You should also check if there is a “swim zone” around your property, and if so, make sure it’s not too wide.


Avoid swimming with the sharks The sharks will likely get tired and will not be as eager to chase you if you have a small child nearby.

To make sure they don’t become too close, you can add a “beach lure” to your home’s fishing line to deter them from swimming near your home.


Never touch a shark The shark will probably swim away when you do.

Don’t touch it, and don’t try to touch it in any way.

Instead, keep the shark in the water until you’ve given it a chance to swim away.


Protect your pet The same advice applies to keeping your pets away from water: don’t touch them.

But this isn’t always the case, as sharks do seem to have a fondness for humans.

If you see a large shark approaching you, you may want to run to a safe distance and protect your pet. 5. Don


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