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How to get your salmon and chipmunk back into the wild

How to get your salmon and chipmunk back into the wild

Fisheries biologist jobs at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans are getting a boost after an Australian federal government announcement.

The Federal Government has confirmed it will award $3.6 million to the NT Fish and Wildlife Service to establish an innovative science and technology centre for salmon and chippewa recovery in the NT.

The NT Fish & Wildlife Service has a $3 million grant for a salmon andchipmunk recovery centre in the Northern Territory.

Photo: NT Fisheries Department.

The move is part of a federal commitment to help tackle the threat of climate change and the spread of invasive species, particularly in remote areas of the NT and Western Australia.

The centre will be funded by the NT’s $10 million National Fish and Chipmunk Recovery Grant.

It’s part of the Government’s “Fish & Chipmunks” initiative, which also aims to boost the commercial sector in the region.

“We’ve identified that the fish are really at risk of becoming uneconomical, and they’re at risk to be replaced with fish that aren’t the same species as what they’re already out there in the wild,” NT Fisheries Minister Greg Hunt told the ABC.

The project will be a collaboration between the NT Fisheries Agency, the NT Bureau of Meteorology and the NT Government’s Fish & Chip Munk Recovery Centre, which is funded by a $7 million NT Government grant.

The Fish & Chips Project will be one of two fish and chip recovery centres to be established in the country, along with the ACT’s $3 billion Redfish Recovery and Recovery Centre.

Mr Hunt said it was critical that fish and chippers were protected and managed for their long-term survival.

“There are fish that are already being caught in some of these remote areas that are not as productive as they would be if they were out in the water, so we’ve got to do some pretty big things to ensure that those fish are going to be able to reproduce and reproduce and propagate,” he said.

“If you don’t catch them you’re going to have a huge impact on the ecosystem and on your ability to manage it.”

I think it’s important that we understand that the future of the species is dependent on whether we manage them for the long-run.

“The Government announced the fish and chips project earlier this year, with the NT Department of Environment announcing $2 million for a fish andchip recovery centre.

Mr Cook said the NT fish andchippers project was the largest project to be funded under the NT Fishery and Fish Management Scheme.”

It’s about taking fish out of the water and putting them back into their natural habitat,” he told the NT News.”

This is a significant project and it’s going to deliver the fish that the NT needs.

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