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How to get rid of your weed killer in Washington state

How to get rid of your weed killer in Washington state

Posted November 21, 2018 12:27:50In Washington state, the Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued an order to the state’s weed killer manufacturers to remove a substance called THP from their products.

According to the order, the company will be required to stop selling the substance in the state.

This comes as weed killer companies continue to see strong demand for their products in the states marketplace, with demand rising from the states recent legalization of recreational marijuana.

“If you have a product that you sell in Washington, and you don’t have THP in it, you have to stop doing business with that company,” said Jeff Reardon, director of the Department’s Office of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Reardon says Washington State law already allows for the sale of weed-killing products on the state market, but the requirement would not be enforced.

He says if a company has a product in the store that has no THP, they are still able to sell it to people in Washington without being required to do so.

“The consumer is the customer,” Reardon said.

“They can choose to buy from a place that has THP.

The government doesn’t enforce that.”

Reardon adds that the Department will enforce the order and will require manufacturers of weed killer to remove the substance from their product.

“They’re going to have to do the right thing and not have their products on sale in Washington,” he said.

Reatell says he has been a customer of THP for over 20 years, and is not aware of any other product in his area that has been banned in the State of Washington.


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