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How to find the best local seafood in Southland

How to find the best local seafood in Southland

Itq fisheries is the local fishing and tourism organisation that’s been working on the Southland for over 70 years.

They’re looking to expand in 2018 and it’s looking to get bigger.

Itq is hoping to get a bigger share of the local seafood market.

The group is now looking to establish a regional office to work out what they’ll be doing in a wider area, including opening more outlets.

It’s also looking at the potential for expanding their regional network to include the Port of Port Hedland and the surrounding area.

“We want to do a lot of things in the Port,” Theyq said.

“We want a new port, we want to get it up and running.

We have to find a way.””

Our biggest challenge right now is finding a way to grow.

We have to find a way.”

Itq has also been working with the Queensland Government on the expansion plan.

The Queensland Government says it is working on a plan to expand its regional network.

It says the plan is for it to be a new state-owned port, run by Queensland’s government and with the local community at the centre of the development.

“I’m absolutely confident that the port expansion will be successful,” Itq CEO Andrew Smith said.

“The Port of Brisbane will be a key part of this development, and the Port will be an integral part of Queensland’s fishing industry.”

It will give us a much bigger regional presence and will provide a much more appealing way of visiting Queensland.

“It’s also hoped that the expansion will increase the amount of fish that can be caught from the local fishery.”

In terms of the overall fish catch, we’ve been working hard to bring the fish to the point where it’s actually sustainable,” Mr Smith said, adding that the plan will allow for more sustainable fish.”

Hopefully we’ll be able to reach the sustainable level within the next couple of years.

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