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How to cut carbon emissions in Hawaii fisheries

How to cut carbon emissions in Hawaii fisheries

A lot of things will have to change in Hawaii’s waters to cut down on ocean acidification, but a new study says some of those changes may have to do with the way they’re managed.

Researchers at the University of Hawaii say they found some things are happening to the water that are leading to more acidification in some places, and the study suggests that those changes will have an impact on the state’s marine fisheries.

A new study suggests Hawaii’s fish populations are changing at the same time it’s dealing with climate changeThe study, which is published in the journal Science Advances, looked at how the state manages its fisheries in the Southern Oahu area, where it’s experiencing more frequent and severe storms, and found some of the changes are occurring at the fish-management level.

Researchers found that a few species of fish were growing more rapidly, but those changes were mostly due to increased growth rates of the fish that had been living in cooler water than other species.

The study says that in places like Oahu’s north, fish populations were growing faster than the average in the Pacific, which suggests warmer water was not causing faster growth.

It also suggests that the growth of some of these fish may be due to a change in the chemistry of the water, which has been changing since the 1980s.

The researchers say that changes to the environment can have effects on the ocean’s carbon sinks, which can make it easier for carbon dioxide to enter the ocean and turn into the acidification that we see in the Gulf of Maine and elsewhere.


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