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How to catch the catfish, a new species in the Petosuck fishery

How to catch the catfish, a new species in the Petosuck fishery

Fishing season in the Pacific Northwest is in full swing, and as many people are heading out to catch catfish on a weekly basis, there is a demand for this fish in the world of fishing.

It is a big and diverse fish that are not commonly caught in the United States.

However, thanks to the popularity of the new species of catfish from the Puget Sound region of Washington state, that demand is growing.

The new species, known as Pacific Northwest catfish (Cyanopus pacificus) is known for its size and ability to grow into massive fish, making it a great choice for fishermen.

In fact, it is a species that is considered a member of the “pandemic” that has caused the extinction of a number of other species in recent years.

It can reach lengths of 6 feet, 3 inches and weigh up to 40 pounds.

However in its native state, this species has only been caught in Washington state.

This year, this fish caught the attention of fishing experts.

One fisherman, Michael E. Paz, from Seattle, Washington, decided to bring this new species to the waters of the Pugeteaks in the hope of catching it.

He says that since he started his fishing, he has caught several other fish, but this catfish is the first one he has ever caught.

He also says that he has seen it in the wild as far as the Pacific coast of Washington, and that he is working to get a sample from it in order to try and catch it.

This catfish was caught on March 4 by James Paz of Seattle.

James Ponza, an avid fisherman who is also a wildlife biologist, says that his first reaction to seeing the fish was that it was “not too big.”

Paz said that it is “the first one I’ve seen in the waters” he had been fishing.

He added that it had “tentacles” that could be used to grab fish, and it was the size of a large tuna.

James was very impressed with the catfishes size and said that he hoped to see more species caught from this region.

“I was surprised at how big it was,” he said.

“It’s really a rare fish.

I have seen a few smaller ones.

I don’t know what it is.”

James says that it could be possible that this fish is a member the pandemic that has killed other species of fish in PugetSound.

He believes that there could be a genetic mutation that allows this species to grow up to the size that it did.

“They are growing faster than we would expect and they are growing bigger, but they have to be fed in the same way,” James said.

“It’s like any other fish,” he added.

“They have to have food to survive.”

James is hoping to get samples from this fish to see if he can catch it in his waters.

“I want to be able to try to catch it,” he told ABC News.

“And I hope to be successful.”


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