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How to catch blue whales in Queensland’s north

How to catch blue whales in Queensland’s north

A pod of whales has been found off the coast of southern Queensland, along with a blue whale calf.

Key points:Blue whales are one of the world’s most abundant species, and the Queensland Department of Primary Industries says they can make a “beautiful” mealSource: Queensland Department for Primary IndustriesThe Blue Whale Conservation Society says the pod of whale was caught by a trawler off the south coast of Queensland, and a calf was found at a different locationA marine biologist and the Blue Whale Research Centre has identified the calf as a female blue whale.

It was discovered in the ocean off the southern coast of the state, in a spot called “The Rock” about 150 kilometres south of the Queensland city of Port Stephens.

“The pod of five young whales was found in shallow waters near the Rock,” the Blue Whales said in a statement.

“They were not wearing their fin or bellies, and it is possible that the young whales had been in the area for a while, although we can only speculate at this stage.”

It is believed that the pod may have been fishing for food for their young, and perhaps even for the blue whale calves they are feeding at this time.

“It is not known how the pod arrived in Queensland.

The Queensland Department in charge of marine mammals says they were caught by “a trawling vessel”.”

The Blue Wholes say the pod has been here for at least 10 years,” a spokesperson said.”

We can confirm that it was caught and tagged by a boat.

“As a precaution, all Blue Whores are required to wear protective equipment when fishing.”

A local fisherman will be conducting a necropsy on the whales, and will be returning with a sample of whale flesh.

“The group says they have received “no negative feedback” from people and are encouraged by their success in finding the whale calf and finding its mother.”

These whales are very intelligent animals and they are quite skilled at locating and killing prey,” the statement said.

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