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How do you measure the sustainability of the fishing industry?

How do you measure the sustainability of the fishing industry?

The industry is the largest in the world, and one that has seen its share of troubles over the years.

The government is struggling to deal with the impacts of climate change and the changing sea conditions and water quality.

And the fishermen, with their vast reserves, rely on a lucrative fishery to survive.

But what happens when it’s not the money that brings in the profits but the environment that is damaged?

In a paper released this week, the researchers, including lead author and University of Hawaii economist, Dr. James L. Stegall, and Professor Eric S. Hargreaves, used an economic model to look at the sustainability impacts of fishing and fishing stocks.

In the paper, they found that the industry has been resilient and can recover if fisheries are managed to meet the requirements of sustainability.

The researchers found that fishing has a lower impact on the environment than farming, and fishing does not lead to greenhouse gas emissions that are a significant factor in global warming.

The researchers also found that a sustainable fishing fleet has a much lower impact than a sustainable farming fleet.

The paper is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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