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How did Ireland’s fishing industry get so bad?

How did Ireland’s fishing industry get so bad?

The Irish government’s plan to encourage fishing by cutting the number of boats from more than 400 to 400 has sparked fury from local fishermen, many of whom believe the new regulations will mean fewer opportunities to fish.

The plan has caused a rift in the fishing community, with local politicians claiming it is a blow to Irish fishing industry.

The Irish fishing sector has lost nearly 10 per cent of its population since 2007, according to the latest government data.

The Government says that while fishing will increase in 2020, the total number of fishing vessels in the Irish Sea will drop from 1,942 to 1,869.

The Department of Agriculture says there will be an increase in the number, but the total will still be the lowest since 2007.

However, many fishermen feel that the plan will lead to a reduction in the amount of fishing they can do, and say they are opposed to the move.

A majority of Irish fishermen, who make up about 90 per cent, are against the cuts.

There is also concern that the cuts will result in fewer fishing opportunities in the future.


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