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‘Dangerous’ dolphin found in Queensland’s lake, marine fisheries say

‘Dangerous’ dolphin found in Queensland’s lake, marine fisheries say

A dolphin has been found in a Queensland lake, with authorities calling it a “dangerous” discovery.

Key points:The man died on the water with the dolphin, which is believed to have been in the lake for yearsThe death is being treated as a homicide and police are looking for the ownerThe man’s body was found by boat on a nearby beach on SundayMr Jackson said he was working on the lake when the man, who was not identified, died.

“He’s gone down with the boat,” he said.

“There’s a lot of water around, but it’s not going to be dangerous, because we’re pretty sure it’s been there for a long time.”

Police said they were called to a man’s home on the North Coot-thorn River about 6:00pm on Sunday.

“We found a body floating about two metres in the water on the beach,” Mr Jackson said.

The man was found with a black and white dolphin, a large amount of blood on its back, and its tail was wrapped around a large rock.

“It’s very unusual,” Mr Martin said.

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