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Blue North fisheries: the fate of the sea turtle

Blue North fisheries: the fate of the sea turtle

The blue north fisheries have been struggling for years with low catch and poor fishing.

But the latest reports from the Department of Agriculture suggest the turtle may have reached its final state.

The department said the last recorded sea turtle in the blue north was found on the beach in the southern end of the state, just off the town of Pembroke.

It said the sea turtles body was “frozen” and that there was no evidence it had died.

The report said it was difficult to determine what happened to the sea creatures.

“The state of the blue coast has been under continuous monitoring by the department for the past three years,” the report said.

“It is now believed that the sea Turtle has died from natural causes and has been killed by the cold weather.”

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection said the turtle was found in a sheltered spot off the coast of Pekin in the Blue North.

The turtle was in a “frost free zone” and the sea shell was “in poor condition”, the department said.

The sea turtle is one of the most threatened marine animals on the world’s seas.

The species was estimated to be around 90,000 to 140,000 years old, but some experts have suggested it may be as old as 100,000.

“This is the first documented sea turtle that has been recorded in the western North Carolina Blue North,” said Dr John McBride, who studies the sea reptiles and its impact on ecosystems.

“In addition, we are not sure that this sea turtle has died due to its condition, as there has been no recorded death of this species since the 1970s.”

In 2013, another blue north sea turtle was spotted on the Blue Coast.

The researchers said the shell had been in good condition.

However, the blue North turtle was not able to survive in the cold, cold conditions it lived in until it was found about 200 metres from shore in 2014.

A turtle is a marine animal that swims around on land.

It is an apex predator of animals like turtles, fish and squid.

The blue northern sea turtle lives in the eastern Atlantic, and is the smallest of the North Atlantic sea turtles.

Its habitat is limited to waters between 50 and 70 metres deep.

The animal is found from Europe to Asia, but also occurs in Australia, South America and Antarctica.

In recent years, blue north turtles have been spotted on beaches in the Atlantic and Indian oceans.


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