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Alberta’s $4.5B marine conservation fund could hit a snag

Alberta’s $4.5B marine conservation fund could hit a snag

The Alberta government has unveiled a new $4 billion fund that will help protect some of Canada’s most threatened species of fish and whales.

The fund will help fund research and conservation efforts for marine animals and habitats.

The province announced the fund on Thursday at a ceremony at the Royal Canmore Museum.

It is the first of its kind in Canada and comes after several other governments have committed money to marine conservation projects.

“It is an important step forward in protecting our fisheries, and one that will support our communities and businesses,” Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said in a news release.

The announcement comes just months after the province announced that it would establish a marine mammal research centre in the Port Alberni.

The $1.1 billion fund will provide grants to conservation and environmental groups, including the Canadian Wildlife Federation, the B.C. Marine Mammal Society and the Western Fisheries Society.

The group behind the announcement, the Wildlife Conservation Society, said the money will support research, education and research capacity in the marine environment.

The project will help the government identify and protect the most threatened marine animals in Canada.

The research centre is expected to cost $4 million and will operate for 20 years.

It will be funded by a $250,000 grant from the federal government and a $200,000 research grant from Environment Canada.

Notley noted the province’s new marine conservation program has received support from the Canadian Research Council and other government agencies.

The provincial government also announced the creation of a new marine mammal conservation office in Edmonton, where it will operate until 2021.