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Are fish stocks collapsing?

New Scientist 1 of 1 An investigation into how some fisheries are faring in a changing global environment has uncovered a worrying pattern of overfishing that could be affecting the health of fish stocks around the world. The researchers looked at a range of fish and

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When the sea becomes your home

By Steve BaskinPublished December 14, 2017 14:22:19When the sea become your home, the sea will take your home.And it is here that the fish that you’ve brought into your home is now at risk.This is the key to the fight against overfishing in the oceans.Scientists and

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How to catch the next big fish

The sport’s future depends on a comeback, according to former coach Gianluca Di Marzio, who is now a coach at the National League champions Barlow. “I would like to say, however, that Barlow is a great club and that we have not done anything wrong.We are in the

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